Sponsored Comps 2018

Sunday 6th May : CBA Benevolent Fours

Sponsor: Armstrong & McAvoy Painters &

Decorators Wigton


Sunday 13th May: Stanley Bragg Triples

Sponsor: D A Harrison Ltd



Sunday 20th May : Top Nine Qualifying


Sunday 27th May: Top Nine Qualifying


Sunday 10th June: Top Nine Qualifying


Sunday 17th June: Top Nine Qualifying


Sunday 9th July : Top Nine Finals

Sponsor : Heineken


Sunday 3 June: SC&B Ltd Mixed Pairs

Sponsor: Solway Crown & Bridge Ltd Wigton

Sunday 15th July: Malcolm & Evelyn Hutton

Memorial Triples

Sponsor: Beaty & Co Solicitors Wigton



Saturday 21st July: Frank Studholme Pairs

Sponsor: Stitch & Print Wigton



Tuesday 31st July: Ladies Festival Fours

Sponsor: Richard Harrison & Sons Butchers


Wednesday 1st August: Ladies Festival Triples

Sponsor : Abbey Electrical Ltd


Thursday 2nd August: Ladies Festival Pairs

Sponsor : Thomas Wills & Son Ltd Builders

Sunday 12th August: Open Singles

Sponsor: D C Studholme Funeral Directors



Sunday 16th Sept: Any Combination Triples

Sponsor: John Tremble Dignity Funeral

Services Carlisle


CBA Benevolent 4
Stanley Bragg
Top Nine
Frank Studholme
Open Singles
Any Combination Triples
Ladies Festival Fours
Ladies Festival Triples
Ladies Festival Pairs
Malcolm & Evelyn Hutton Triples

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Entries for ALL of these competitions should be made as soon as possible to Bob Dalziel by

email : tournaments.wigtonbowlingclub@gmail.com

Telephone: 016973 44726

Mobile: 07513524461