National Competitions 2017

National Competitions 2017



Ladies Top Ten Club Winners:

Wigton Bowling Club

















C Wharton, R Clarke, C Baxter, A Dalziel, K Baxter,K Westwood,

P A Peile, P Yates, J W Bell, N Bowe, A Bowe



Northern Counties Under 25 Champion

Callum Hodgson

National final expenses.


The Directors voted to limit payment of expenses for players qualifying for the National finals

to a single maximum payment of £20 per player.

This applies to competition entries submitted by individuals as opposed to a club entry.


For National Club competitions i.e. the Mens 2 Fours, and the Ladies Club Top 10,

the Club covers the cost of the tournament entry fee and also any green fees incurred during the qualifying rounds.

Should a Club team reach the National Finals then each team player shall receive £20 towards expenses.

If a team reaching the finals is awarded prize money, the residual amount of prize money left after competition expenses paid out by the Club have been deducted will be set aside in a team “pot”.

The “pot” may then be used in any way as agreed by the team.